Blockchain and Smart Contract Researcher/Dev./Instructor. Cyber Security researcher. Computer Engineer. FIU REsearch Asistant TR/AUS/DE/USA

I am a Blockchain Security Instructor, Engineer and Researcher with more than 5 years of professional and 6+ additional non-professional experience in a fast-paced crypto exchange company

A well-known US University, and an international conglomerate investing in Blockchain projects. During my career, I have conducted world-class Academic research on Blockchain and smart contract security, and have made publications at prestigious international congresses (NDSS, S&P, IEEE). In addition to that, I also have extensive knowledge about blockchain-oriented cyber attacks. Finally, I helped the crypto exchange company grow its business and become the market leader in its region. At the moment, I am taking a role in a multinational holding’s catching the future in the NFT adventure and working as a Blockchain Security Researcher/Enngineer at

We work with new generation technologies!


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